Likir Monastery in Ladakh

Likir Monastery In Ladakh

Likir Monastery In Ladakh

The altogether religious residence was constructed occurring throughout the reign of LhachenGyalpo, the fifth king of Ladakh. Lama DuwangChosje, an adeptly-known liberal of meditation was offered the house by the king to construct the Likir religious residence. The Lama was dedicated to what he was asked to urge jutting to of and therefore the religious residence comes occurring in 1065 AD. Before the conversion in 1470 by LawangLotos- a central Tibetan Monk, the Likir religious residence was connected then than Kadampa Sect. the development named Likir religious residence because it stands nowadays isn’t the autochthonic one structured within the eleventh century as fireplace ruined the first building and later on, the religious residence was reconstructed within the eighteenth century.

Attractions at Likir monastery:
While visiting Likir religious residence produce positive that you just visit the convenient very little villages within the place. The scenic beauty provides a novel draw and magnetizes varied travelers across the world. Else you’re suggested to go to Gonkhang temple. this can be a requirement visit the temple in Ladakh. If you’re lucky thenyou can find monks stroke rituals on following drum beats. The temple premises have the funds for you brilliant scenic beauty for amazing photography. Else you’re suggested to go to the Likir deposit at the intensity. there’s associate right to use engagement of Rs. twenty per head. attempt to think about this place throughout the holiday in Ladakh.

How to meet the expense of in Likir Monastery  in Ladakh?

If you ardent to get Likir religious residence by road, then there square measure 2 necessary routes from Leh. One is that the Manali-Leh route (473km) and new is Srinagar-Leh route (434 km).The first route remains mannerism in unaccompanied for the months from July to Sep and therefore the second route remains gate encircled by the months of Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month. It takes 1.5 to two hour to attain Likir religious residence from Lehby automotive. you’ll at that time avail native buses as there square measure variety of buses ply within the middle of Leh and Likir from 5:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Else if you tend to form a gaining of Likir by put aside breathe later on there’s lonesome one Leh landing pitch that is found seven kilometre from the most town of Leh. it’s the closest field too. Jet Airways gift flights Leh to Delhi|city|metropolis|urban center} often although Alliance Air provides connecting flights from Srinagar to Jammu and Leh to Delhi.

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