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    Pangong Lake

    Pangong Lake

    About Pangong Lake

    In Ladakh Jammu And Kashmir, you ne’er recognize what doubtfulness wildlife has in accretion for you. Pangong Lake, located at a severity of on four,350m, is that the worlds highest H2O lake. Its waters, that appear to be coloured in blue, substitute stark distinction to the arid mountains encompassing it.

    Extending to re 160km, common fraction of the Pangong Lake lies in Bharat and also the subsidiary common fraction in China.

    Pangong Lake, one in all the foremost adroitly-known lakes in Leh Ladakh, derives its say from the Tibetan word, Pangong Tso, which suggests high parcel lake. you may pay hours in contemplation here, and however not have sufficient of its beauty.

    Pangong Lake is and identified to change colours, showing blue, inexperienced and red at oscillate times. If you have got set to travel in description to a vacation to Ladakh anytime before long, dont forget to go to the Pangong Lake. the sweetness that awaits you there can not be represented in words. it’s to be seen, felt and absorbed at intervals yourself.

    Things to fighting at Pangong Lake

    The beauty of Pangong Lake is in itself marginal note ample to warrant a visit there. However, there square measure postscript things to get projected along of at Pangong Lake which will prevent ardent occurring throughout the period of your keep here. one in all them is tenting.

    tenting at the Pangong Lake is a stimulating expertise. Build a fire, profit a barbecue going and revel in the sweetness encompassing you what proportion enlarged will it acquire?

    Although deed aft the glow of your camp is flatly exhausting, persist and exit. throughout the night, the celebrities of the heavens shine altogether their glory. the sensation you acquire is that of identicalness, of the skies and also the universe immersing themselves in you. At coming, acquire out of your camp and watch the sunrise.

    Watch, because the rising sun bit by bit disperses the darkness and ushers in well-ventilated. Carry a camera beyond you, and occupy these splendid moments.

    The route to Pangong Lake is as pretty because the lake itself. to amass a glimpse of this beauty, decrease regarding 10km from Pangong Tso Lake, if you’re returning from Leh. you’ll be greeted by a couple of signboards locution, Stop here to check rare endemic species gnawer.

    Marmots square measure massive squirrels that square measure found in mountainous areas and reside in burrows. Despite being quite dodgy, they get initiate from their potholes throughout the hours of day, so there’s a innocent unintended of recognizing them. read more

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