Ladakh Travel Mart is a best and local Tour & Travel Agents In Ladakh is based in Ford Road Leh Ladakh. We are Best and Local persons based in Leh, if are you looking best and cheap Leh Ladakh tour packages, Our company offers you all types of Ladakh Tour and travel packages. like Family tours in Ladakh, Couple Tour in Ladakh, Group tour packages, And also we have the best customized Ladakh adventure tour packages. Bike tours, rafting tours, safari tour packages, trekking agencies in Ladakh etc. Ladakh travel mart is a  unit of valley trip planner. Our tour company is a leading Travel agency based in Jammu and Kashmir. Our Office is in Srinagar Kashmir and 2nd Office is in Munshi Complex Fort road Leh Ladakh.

If you have a plan for Ladakh? and are you looking registered and local travel agents in Ladakh then your search ends here? Valley Trip planner is providing best tour and travel services in the whole Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir. All over India like Ladakh Travel From Delhi, Ladakh Tours From Mumbai, and Pune. Travel Mart company is Registered Agency with Leh DPT tourism, contact us and get full perfect details about Leh Ladakh.

What Our Travel Agency Offer You In Ladakh

Our Travel Agency in Ladakh Offer you the cheap Travel Services in Pangong Camps, Nubra Campus, Hotels In Leh City. And all types of Transport Services. Such as Inova Tavera Xolo And also Provide Bike Tour Packages. You can Book all travel Tour and Travel Services for Leh Ladakh With Us.

What Types Of Tour & Travel Packages We Provide In Ladakh

We Provide Your Family Tour Packages, Couple Tour Packages, Bike Tour Packages, Rafting Packages, Trekking Packages in Leh, And Other Adventure Travel Packages for Ladakh.

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 local Tour & Travel Agents in Leh Ladakh

Hi all, if you have the plan to visit Leh Ladakh, so you need to know before you have booked your Ladakh Tour Packages. we suggest you please choose local and Best and local Tour & travel agent in Leh Ladakh, for your always support in your whole tour. Because of you and your family will face some problems in Leh Ladakh.

Like the oxygen problem, mountain sickness, vomiting etc. So we always request you to choose local and best travel agents in Ladakh. Our company is a local travel agency in Leh Ladakh And our team is always ready to help all our customers in wherein the drop us your details and get full local Tour & travel company support in Leh Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir.Ladakh Travel Agents

We are Registered Tour And Travels In Ladakh

We are the local and registered Tour travels in Ladakh, Ladakh Travel Mart was founded in 2006 and registered with the Tourism Department of Ladakh Jammu And Kashmir. So book all Leh Ladakh tour packages with us and get the best deals and services for our side.

Registered Travel Agents in Leh Ladakh

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in Leh Ladakh, there are 100 above Travel agents. But we are perfosional and Trannied in Ladakh tourism Industry. we are present 24 houres for you in ladakh. And this is the big reason to choose our Tour and Travel Agency in Ladakh. Because we always want to provide you Local Services and Best pieces of information About Ladakh Trip. so that you don’t get any problems in this region.

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2020 Best Leh Ladakh Tour & Travel packages

Ladakh & Kashmir Tour 8 Nights

Kashmir Ladakh tour 8 Nights

Total Travel Days: 8 Night | 9 Days
Travel Places: Srinagar Kargil Alchi
Nubra Valley Pangong, Leh
Package Price: 14500 Rs to 16600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop: Srinagar, Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book

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Best Leh Ladakh Trip 5 Nights

Best Leh Ladakh Tour 5 Nights

Total Travel Days: 5 Night | 6 Days
Travel Places: Leh Nubra Valley
Pangong Sham Valley
Package Price: 12500 Rs to 13600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop:  Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Manali Ladakh Trip 7 Nights

Manali Ladakh Trip 7 Nights

Total Travel Days: 7 Night | 8 Days
Travel Places: Manali Shimla Hemis
     Tsomoriri Nubra Leh
Package Price: 14500 Rs to 17600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop: Leh, Manali
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Tsomoriri Trekking Tour

tso moriri trekking tour

Total Travel Days: 5 Night | 6 Days
Travel Places: Leh Tso Morriri Sham Valley
Padum Taokar
Package Price: 13500 Rs to 14600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop:  Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Budget Kashmir Ladakh Trip

Budget Kashmir Ladakh Tour

Total Travel Days: 7 Night | 8 Days
Travel Places: Srinagar, Kargil, Alchi
Lamayuru, Pangong Lake
Package Price: 15500 Rs to 17600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop: Srinagar, Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Leh Ladakh Honeymoon Trip

Ladakh Honeymoon Tour

Total Travel Days: 7 Night | 8 Days
Travel Places:  Kargil, Alchi, Hemis
Nubra Valley, Pangong , Leh
Package Price: 14500 Rs to 15600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop:  Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Ladakh Group Tour 7 Nights

Ladakh Group Tour

Total Travel Days: 7 Night | 8 Days
Travel Places: Hemis, Kargil, Alchi,
Nubra Valley, Pangong , Leh
Package Price: 12500 Rs to 13600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop: Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Leh Ladakh Family Tour

Leh Ladakh Family Tour

Total Travel Days: 5 Night | 6 Days
Travel Places: Leh, Nubra, Tsomoriri
Pangong lake, Shanti stupa
Package Price: 12500 Rs to 13600
Hotel Options: Standard or Deluxe
Pickup & Drop: Leh
Pay 20% Advance Only & Book 

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Hi every one, My name is Saim Malik 27 Year old & i am Local tour guide from Srinagar, if you looking tour guide for ladakh trip so you can contact me any time and I will customize your tour itinerary & make best budget trip read more about me

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Ladakh Tourism & Best Places to Visit

Ladakh Union territory, the get off of jagged peaks and barren landscape are seductive and awe-challenging. Hidden on within the inside of this short associate degreed forbidding facade. are an ancient civilization and charming folks. on the far side, the prehistoric frontiers lie the house of wild once.

its timeless mood and overwhelming natural beauty. beckoning the additional intense and adventuresome of travelers.This amazing wildness and illusion belong to it. gratifying flaming of high mountains and Buddhist simplicity-Ladakh. read more about Ladakh. 

Best In Kargil

Central Kargil, Nestled upon the banks of the gorgeous Suru stream, during this space 8700 foot.on top of the water level. Kargil sits because of the second largest city of the Leh-Ladakh region.and makes for a distinguished transit hub for individuals movement to Leh.  Srinagar, and Zaskar.The city is blessed once Associate, in Nursing captivating natural scenery peppered bearing in mind lush verdure.

Refulgent glacial rivers and arid mountain. ranges that get for a desirable amount. to any or all the wildlife lovers and soul-seekers.For that movement to Ladakh in quest of obscure friendly relationship, and solitude. off from the nihilist town lives should aim for his or her holidays.
within the exotic Suru depression that extends from Kargil. read more about Kargil

Leh City in Ladakh,

Local Leh City, Based within the Ladakh region of the Jammu and Kashmir. Leh is understood for its astonishing scenic locales, Buddhist temples, and pristine mood. Because of the hermetically sealed move of Tibetan Buddhism. Leh has named very little Tibet or the Land of Lamas. Barren mountains later brilliantly painted gimps (or monasteries).Undulation prayer flags, rocky ridges. small settlements and also the river accrue to the general attraction of the region. read more about Leh.
Leh City

Visit Pangong Lake

Amazing Pangong Lake, the celebrated and rosy blue color Pangong Lake is settled close to Leh-Ladakh. Within the mountain chain, coarsely at the height almost of 4351 meters. This beautiful lake is twelve kilometers long and extends from India to  ChinaTibet. Bearing in mind common fraction of it lying within the latter. Attributable to its altitude, the temperature here ranges from -6C to 110C. thus of that. the lake freezes no scrutinize throughout winters in the distancing of its salinity. Read more about Pangong Lake.

Nubra Valley

Famous Nubra Valley, natural depression is one among the should VISIT places in Ladakh. particularly if you’re visiting for the primary mature. it’s additionally to the sub-districts in Ladakh. situated within the Northside having Diskit Village as its main headquarters. Diskettes settled just about one hundred twenty strange KMs from Leh city. that is that the main capital of Ladakh district.

The Shayok stream, a tributary of Indus River, meets the Nubra or Siachen create an outsized natural depression that separates the Ladakh, and Karakorum Ranges. read more about Nubra valley
Nubra Valley in Ladakh

Tso Moriri Lake In Leh Ladakh

Picturesquely settled in secluded, breathtakingly lovely Rupshu vale. the high-altitude Tso Moriri Lake. is a smaller amount than 250 kilometers southeast of Leh. Flanked by lofty mountains. this delicate lake is incredible regarding four,000 meters higher than water level. Best Tso Moriri is relating to twenty-nine kilometers long and happening to eight kilometers broad.

Tso Moriri  Lake attracts a spread of life, as well as migratory flora and fauna, marmots and barely the Tibetan wolves. This lake in Changthang, region of Ladakh Jammu And Kashmir. is one in all the foremost lovely, dispel and sacred (for Ladakh) tall altitude lakes in India.

In fact, it’s the most important high altitude lake in India. that’s positively in Indian Territory. This lovely blue pallet lake is almost seven kilometers. broad at its broadest dwindling and roughly nineteen kilometers long. an outsized range of flora and fauna is found within the region.

Since it’s altogether breathless to the road of Actual management. one obsession to profit Inner Line allows going to Tso Moriri. read more about Tso Moriri Lake

Likir Monastery In Ladakh

Likir Monastery in Ladakh, the residence is that the one you need to begin once. this can be a Buddhist religious residence stationed in Leh Ladakh. a far-famed holidaymaker spot in the northern Republic of India. This place shares a collection against of fifty-two kilometers at the west of Leh City. The university which means of the word Likir is that the Naga-Encircled. It represents the Nanda, Takako and Naga-rajas, the enjoyable serpent spirits. Likir religious residence options 2 assembly halls called Dukhangs.

The pinnacle lama of Likir possesses a throne that’s granted at the older auditorium on additionally to value-added six rows of seats for junior Lamas. The assembly halls contain the deities of Amitabha, Sakyamuni, Bodhisattva, Tsongkhapa, and Maitreya. read more about Likir monastery

Likir Monastery in Ladakh

Shey Palace in Ladakh

Shey Monastery Situated within the premises of Shey Palace, Shey cloister is one in every of the favored monasteries in Ladakh. The Shey Palace has settled some sixteen km from the Leh town and is on the way Thiksey and Hemis cloister. The palace within which the cloister is found wont to be the summer retreat of the royal associates of Ladakh.

Shey cloister is believed to own been in-built 1665 by Deldon Namgyal, within the memory of his father, Singay Namgyal. The gompa is thought for its large copper-gold gilded sculpture of a sitting Shakyamuni Buddha. This sculpture is reckoned to be the second largest Buddha sculpture in Ladakh. read more about Shay Palace

Travel Agent in Leh Ladakh

Plan Your Ladakh Tour With  Local Tour Travel Agency in Ladakh

Ladakh is one in every of the foremost sparsely inhabited regions of Jammu and Kashmir. its culture and records are the following-door doors to united to it of’s nom American state plume as very little Tibet not as a result of|simply because of} of its geographical proximity. to Tibet however and because it plays host to many Tibetan cultural festivals. Ladakh could be Indias most region, however. the barren beauty as presently as snow-capped peaks. and tidy azure reveal has attracted brave travelers. Ladakh is a favorite rummage around for trekking and mount enthusiasts.

The secluded destination amid o.k. rugged the Himalaya. unfertile landscapes and entrancing Gompas ordered the length of vis–vis stretches. or rocky outcrops, square measure strictly witching sight. however back you assuage to soar away to the land of Buddhist monasteries.and adventurous folks it’s categorically vital to understand that you simply dependence a minimum of per week.  so you need local travel agents in Ladakh, to get pleasure from your Cheap Ladakh Tour Packages.

See Top Monasteries in Leh Ladakh

Monasteries ar Associate in Nursing integral portion of Ladakh culture. and traditions and as an outcome typically known as because of the Land of Buddhism. standard monasteries include. Thiksey MonasteryBardan Gompa, Mulbekh Gompa. Wanla Gompa, Stakna Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Karsha Monastery Etc. Visit with your family and enjoy Leh Ladakh Family Tour, And see all Monastery.

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Come with Our Travel Agency because we are local & Best Travel Agents in Ladakh, we will help you to create a best & budget tour plan also guide you how plan Ladakh trip.

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Our Tour & Travel Agency is registerd with Tourism of Leh Ladakh & Kashmir, we are also members of (LTAA) Ladakh Travel Agent association & Kashmir Travel Agent association

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Book Your Ladakh Tour Package with our company & get local support in your whole tour, such as hotel support, can support & if you face any problem in Ladakh

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come with us & get budget package with best tour services in the whole ladakh, you can check our reviews after that contact our travel company

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Honeymoon Packages

We provide best honeymoon packages for couples who have plan to explore leh ladakh check our honeymoon tours & get best services

Ladakh Bike Tour

for all bike lovers, we have best packages for you, starts form Manali to Leh & Srinagar to Leh. contact our reservation & get the best deals

Family Packages

For Familys who have plan to come to Ladakh , we have best packages for you, you can check and contact us for best delas.

Trekking Packages for Ladakh

Ladakh is best for trekking, & we are local trekking agency in Ladakh, we offer you top trekking packages starts form Zanskar Valley

Group Tour Packages

Check our best Group tour packages starts form Leh to Leh, Manali to Leh, & Srinagar to Leh

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Ladakh F&Q

how many days is enough for Ladakh?

If you want to cover Ladakh Manjor places only so 7 Night 8 Days is enough, but if you want to cover Zanskar & Kargil also so 10 Nights is best

Which is the Top Places in Ladakh?

Nubra Valley, Pangong lake, Tosomorri lake, Leh, Hemis, is top places that you can visit in ladakh

Which is the best time to visit Ladakh?

if you want to visit by air so you can visit any time, but if you want to cover all the places & plan by road so May till August is the best time to visit

Do Travel Agent in Ladakh Provide Hotels?

yes local travel agents in Ladakh provide you whole tour package such as Hotel stay, cab and other services

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